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Ett litet företag med stora visioner.

About Fadeel Design and DYNO

Fadeel DesignDYNO

The company was started by Eva, mother of two small children during her maternity leave from work as a webdesigner. ”It provoked me that it was difficult to find clothes for children that are both ecological and at the same time rough and personal.

Since I have always worked on designs in different shapes and have drawn, painted and designed things as a hobby, it struck me -Why not do it myself? It is really just another way to express oneself - through clothes instead of through the computer or the canvas.

Music has also been a common theme in my life. As a rock musician and bassist in the band Rebels I have been surrounded by creativity, attitude and commitment. I want my collection to express the same feeling
and attitude.

My children are my biggest inspiration, DYNO is named after my two boys;
Dylan and Norton.